Pier Lucci

est. 1976

Stylish, elegant and extraordinary ... Pier Lucci has been inspired by you ever since it was founded. Since 1974 we have met the women who do not compromise on styles. If you are one of the stylish women, you are in the right place. We are with you to create trends, not to follow trends.

Our company started its activities in 1974, Turkey and the side of the shoe industry in the development of the industry and has made ​​significant contributions as a pioneer of quality. In particular, in the manufacture of women’s shoes wholesale them creating their own models have been serious activity. Always accurate and success to our company principle, brought the era of technological innovation continually expanding its range of products to customer satisfaction with diligence, herdaim have succeeded. With production capacity of 50,000 pairs per year in the domestic market and export to our company, which has a significant market, with exports to the Balkan countries and eastern countries have made ​​a name. Currently, the company continued to manufacture Güngören’de our valued customers with the confidence to continue the path.

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